Brookwood Courtyard – Property Guide (TEST)

Welcome to our home at the Brookwood Courtyard.  We hope you enjoy your stay with us.

We are here if you need us. We can be reached daily from 09:30 AM to 4:30 PM ET at or 404-682-2847 extension 2.

For after-hours emergencies (power, water, or lockout), dial 404-682-2847 extension 5 to leave a voicemail for the Manager on Duty. They will return your phone call promptly.


Jaime, Michael & David
BCA Furnished Apartments


Where to Eat | Things To Do


Table of Contents

Check-out is before 11:00 AM

To avoid any additional room charges and to allow us time to prepare for the next guest, check-out is at or before 11:00 AM on your day of departure.

Locking Your Door

Make sure both the living room door deadbolt and kitchen door handle are locked when exiting your apartment at any time. If the kitchen door handle will not lock, press the “lock” button on the door handle’s interior side. Please check the door handle again to verify it is locked.

Bi-Weekly Cleaning Service

If you are staying longer than two weeks, cleaning service(s) are between 09:00 am and 4:00 pm. Any additional services(s) will be noted in your Welcome Letter.

Trash and Recycling

Bins are located in the parking lot next to the courtyard gate.

No Smoking Policy

Absolutely NO SMOKING inside of the condominiums or on the property. Tampering with a smoke detector is a crime and cause for immediate removal without a refund.

If you do go for a walk around the neighborhood to smoke, PLEASE DO NOT LITTER.

Properly extinguish and dispose of cigarettes in the BUTT RECEPTACLE next to the trash cans that can be found in the parking lot next to the courtyard gate.

Wireless Internet Access

Wi-Fi information can be found in the living room under the acrylic top on the bookcase below the TV
*Please do not make any changes to our internet equipment.

Using Your Heating and Air Conditioning

Please make only small adjustments on the thermostat and allow time for the temperature to level out. It can take about 30 minutes to heat or cool the apartment. Help Save Energy by using ceiling fans for comfort.

Using Your Laundry Washer and Dryer

The washer/dryer is located in the kitchen. Some of the washers have lights noting that the lid is locked – do not attempt to open the lid until the light is off. Some machines may have a latch to keep the lid open – please use the “release” button to close the lid. Do not force the lids open or closed or charges will be assessed. Remember to clean out the lint trap. They are located either inside the door or at the back of the dryers.

Using Small Appliances – Don’t be a “Griswold” and overload the outlets.

Hairdryers and curling irons should ONLY be used in the bathrooms. This outlet is rated for these high-wattage devices.  Please limit the simultaneous use of these and other small appliances.

Groceries, Sundries, and Detergent
  • CVS Pharmacy on Peachtree Street (0.6 mile North)
  • Whole Foods (1.0 mile South)
  • Fresh Market (1.0 mile North)
  • Publix grocery store (In the Peachtree Battle Shopping Center 1.5 miles North)
  • Publix Atlantic Station (1.5 miles Southwest)
  • Publix Plaza Midtown (1.6 miles South)

Food – Walkable Restaurants

You will find many restaurants walking North on Peachtree Street within 1 to 4 blocks.

Food – Where to Eat

Check out the “Where to Eat” for ideas, recommendations and discounts on local attractions and restaurants.  We recommend most, if not all of the restaurants within walking distance. Click here for WHERE TO EAT.

Food – Ordering Takeout? What is My Food Delivery Address vs Where to Send Mail

If you are ordering food for delivery, direct them to Brookwood Courtyard Condominiums located. The delivery service will need to call you so you can come out to the gate. Don’t forget to tell them your condo number and to go to the courtyard gate at the back of the parking lot.
          15 Standish Avenue NW
          Atlanta GA 30309

Where to Send Mail and Other Non-Food Deliveries (USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc)

For mail and other deliveries, please direct them to the BCA office:
          [Name] [Apartment#]
          c/o BCA
          44 25th Street NW
          Atlanta GA 30309

Entertainment – Things to Do

Check out the “What to Do” for ideas, recommendations and discounts on local attractions and restaurants. Click here for THINGS TO DO.

Transportation – Getting Around – Get Lyft & UBER Free Ride Credits* for a new sign-up or taking your first ride in Atlanta

Rides to Midtown are about $5-7. Downtown and Buckhead are about $9-12.
*Ride Credit promotions vary and are not guaranteed.     |

Transportation – MARTA Public Transit

For about $2.50 per ride per person, you can take the #110 Bus (“The Peach”) located at the corner of Peachtree and Deering Road. See or Google Maps for additional information.

Want to Stay Longer?

If you wish to extend your stay, please make arrangements with the Property Manager as soon as possible (at least 3 days in advance). It may not be possible to extend your reservation during high occupancy demand periods at your initial rate as we frequently sell out.