Standish House – Property Guide

Welcome to our home at Standish House. We hope you enjoy your stay with us. If there is anything we can do to help make your stay better, please let us know. 

We are available by phone, text, and email Monday – Friday from 9:30 AM– 5:30 PM

Over the weekend, we are available by email and text only and there may be a delay in response time. For true emergencies, please use our 24/7 emergency extension listed below.

To reach a Property Manager during normal operating hours:

Phone: 404-682-2847 ext 2

If by chance we miss your call, please leave us a detailed voicemail with your name, phone number, and why you are calling and we will return your call promptly.

Text: 844-STAY-BCA (844-782-9222)

During your stay, please feel free to text us with any non-urgent questions or issues you might be having. We will respond to you as soon as we can. If a text message is received after hours, we will respond the following morning. If you are having an after-hours emergency, please dial our emergency line to reach the Manager on Duty.


Feel free to email us directly or message us through the messaging platform on the website you booked your reservation – Airbnb, Expedia, VRBO, etc.

To reach a Property Manager for after-hours emergencies:

Phone: 404-682-2847 ext 5

For after-hours emergencies (power outage, water leak, fire, or lockout), dial 404-682-2847 extension 5 to leave a voicemail for the Manager on Duty. They will return your phone call promptly. If you do not get a response after 15 minutes, please call again.

Remember that from 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM Monday – Friday, a direct call will be answered faster than an emergency message.


The Property Guide below is your one-stop resource for how to use your apartment and make the most of your stay. Please look through the Table of Contents for a topic and click the link to have it bring you to the section.

Thank you for choosing BCA Furnished Apartments,


Michael, Michael, & David
BCA Furnished Apartment

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Table of Contents

Property Rules
Getting to Know Your Apartment
Deliveries, Mail, and Ordering Takeout
Getting Around Atlanta
Important Information

Property Rules

Be A Good Neighbor and Keep the Noise Down

Remember, you are staying in a residential neighborhood.

Be courteous of the neighbors around you and keep music, conversations, and footsteps at a minimal level, especially during “Quiet Hours” between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM.

No Smoking Policy

Absolutely NO SMOKING, Grilling, Candles or Fire Hazards of any kind in the apartment, balcony or within 20 feet of the building exterior.

Smoking of any type (cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, marijuana or anything else) is strictly prohibited in all areas of Stanish House. Guests are responsible for full repair or replacement cost of all items and surfaces damaged by smoking. Any signs of odors caused by smoking will result in a $450 fine and the immediate termination of your reservation.

Tampering with a smoke detector is a crime and cause for immediate removal without a refund.

If you do go for a walk around the neighborhood to smoke, PLEASE DO NOT LITTER.

Our damage policy is defined in the Terms and Conditions located at

No Parties or Additional Guests

Absolutely NO PARTIES or GATHERINGS in apartments, balconies, parking lots, courtyards, or common areas.

Number of Registered Guests
The home is configured for (6) people. This are the maximum number of guests that may reside in the home. Guest exceptions must be arranged with owner before arrival.

Non-Registered Guests
A maximum of (6) unregistered guests may visit the home but not stay overnight. An “Extra Guest” charge will be assessed if additional guests are on the property.

Bedrooms & Sofas
Guests may only sleep in the provided beds. The sofas are not designed or protected for sleeping. A “Sleeping on Sofa” charge will be assessed if sofas are used as beds.

Surveillance Cameras are In-Use at this Property

The alarm is not active nor in use at this property, however, you will notice there are exterior security cameras surrounding the perimeter. There are no interior cameras within the apartment.

Please do not put us in an uncomfortable position of calling the police to have you removed without a refund.

Getting to Know Your Apartment

Wireless Internet Access

SSID: StandishHouse

Password: #FridayFun

Please do not make any changes to our internet equipment.

The Wi-Fi access-point is the white rectangular cube is located on the credenza in the dining room. If for any reason you are experiencing a slow or internet outage, please feel free to restart the access-point.

To restart your access-point, unplug the power cable from the back of the device. Please wait 10 seconds before plugging it back in.

It will take up to several minutes for the Wi-Fi to come back on.

If you are still experiencing a slow or internet outage, please feel free to contact a Property Manager. 404-682-2847 ext 2.


Door Keypad Instructions & Locking Your Door

This apartment is a keyless entry and no keys are issued.

Front Door Lock
Opening the Door (from outside):

  • Press “Schlage” logo and the touchpad will light-up.
  • Enter your code
  • The deadbolt will motor to the open position

Locking the Door (from outside):

  • Press “Schlage” logo and the deadbolt will motor to the locked position

Opening the Door (from inside):

  • Turn the TOP deadbolt.

Locking the Door (from inside):

  • Turn the TOP deadbolt.

IMPORTANT: Do not lock the lower deadbolt or you may lock yourself or your other guests out.

Back Door Lock
Opening the Door (from outside):

  • Enter your code
  • The handle will be momentarily unlocked and you may open the door

Locking the Door (from outside):

  • Close the door and check the handle to verify the door is locked.

Opening the Door (from inside):

  • Open door using standard lever handle

Locking the Door (from inside):

  • Close the door

The door should be in “always locked” mode.  If the door won’t lock, there is a “Lock” button on the inside.

IMPORTANT: Do not lock the glass door or your other guests will be locked out. Use the deadbolt only while you are home, we do not issue exterior keys for that lock.

Cleaning Services - Bi-Weekly

If you are staying longer than 14-nights your reservation is eligible for (1) cleaning in every 14 day period. Bi-weekly stayover cleaning service(s) are between 09:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.

If you are staying less than 14 nights and need extra towels during your stay, please contact a Property Manager at 404-682-2847

All cleaning services will be noted on your Welcome Letter upon check-in.

Daily, weekly, or more frequent cleaning services are available at an additional cost of $235 per cleaning.

All cleanings are scheduled in advance. Any changes to a stayover or departure cleanings must be submitted to the Property Manager by 2 PM the day before your scheduled cleaning date.

If your scheduled stayover cleaning is missed or canceled the day of or if you extend your reservation on the day of your departure, you will be charged an extra cleaning fee.

  •  $235 per Cleaning

Stayover cleanings have no cash value and cannot be credited to the reservation if canceled or we are unable to access the apartment.


Garbage Disposal
Switch is to the LEFT of the sink

Stove Exhaust Fan
Switch to the LEFT of microwave

Under Cabinet Lighting
Switch is under wall cabinet to the RIGHT of the stove

Black Wall Fan
Use to circulate air if you want a breeze. The switch is next to the wall outlet it is plugged into.

Laundry Pendant Light
Switch is on the LEFT side of the mirrored column, well-hidden.

Refrigerator #2
Located next to the back door.


Laundry / Washer & Dryer

DRYERS! Remember to clean out the lint trap after each cycle. 

The washer & dryer are located in the kitchen.

ONLY USE “HE” (High Efficiency) DETERGENT.

If incorrect detergent is used, damaging excess foaming and flooding may occur, a repair/replacement fee may be assessed.

Do not force the lids/doors to open or close, or damage charges will be assessed.

Water Filtration

The Atlanta water is acceptable to drink. We have also provided a “whole house” water filter supply to the kitchen sink when the faucet is set to “cold” water.

Window Blinds & Drapes

Use window blinds and drapes to control light and privacy. The property features outdoor landscape lighting which can be rather bright in the bedroom windows at night but adds to the beauty and safety of our neighborhood.

Ceiling Fans & Light

The ceiling fans are remote controlled.  Note that some also have a light switch to control the fan. If the fan and light are not operational, turn on the wall switch then use the remote control.

Sunroom – Light Switch next to Remote Control

Queen Bedroom – No Light Switch – use fan remote control

King Bedroom – No Light Switch – use fan remote control

3rd Bedroom –  Light Switch next to Remote Control


A safe has been provided. It is located in the closet of the bedroom closest to the living room.

Small Appliances – Don’t be a “Griswold” and overload the outlets!

Hair dryers and curling irons should ONLY be used in the bathrooms.

This outlet is rated for high-wattage devices. Please limit the simultaneous use of these and other small appliances.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Ceiling fans have been added to optimize airflow and blinds can be closed to avoid heat transference.  Please utilize these to help maintain comfort and save energy.

The HVAC thermostat is located in the living room.

The home uses a high efficiency Carrier Infinity system which runs continuously at variable speeds to maintain consistent temperatures, filter and mix fresh air from outside. It also features HEPA filtration to remove fine allergens. You will notice that indoor air quality is higher than opening windows in the city. Simply use the up and down arrows to adjust the temperature in small increments, it will manage itself.

Please do not attempt to reprogram the thermostat.

Trash and Recycling

A blue recycling bin can be found in the kitchen. All types of paper, cardboard, plastic, Styrofoam, aluminum, steel and glass can be recycled. Food containers must be rinsed thoroughly.

There are 2 sets of waste (green) and recycling (blue) bins in the carport. This is where you will empty your household waste and recycling between housekeeping service visits. Please be sure to keep all food waste sealed in plastic bags to prevent odors and attract flies or rodents. City trash pickup is currently on Tuesday mornings.

TV Service by PlutoTV & Roku

Each TV in your apartment is a Roku-enabled smart TV. You will be able to access all your favorite streaming services.

BCA Furnished Apartments provides free streaming services through PlutoTV .

Press the HOME icon  button on your remote control and select the PlutoTV icon 

In the Pluto App, YELLOW highlights the category.  Top navigation includes LIVE and ON DEMAND.  Left navigation is the programming CATEGORIES.

Guests can log into their own streaming accounts during their stay. Please remember to log out before you leave.

If you have been the beneficiary of a previous guest who forgot to log out of an account, please know that some accounts allow users to log out remotely and at any time you could lose access to that account.

For paid streaming accounts, it is best to use your own accounts.

Fire Safety & Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are provided for your safety.  They are located:

  • Back door foyer next to the refrigerator.
  • Under the kitchen sink
  • Coat closet at the top of the main entry stairs
  • Front entry foyer next to the lower front door

If you smell smoke, see fire or hear the fire alarm…

  1. If the fire has just started AND YOU ARE PROPERLY TRAINED IN HOW TO USE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER, BRIEFLY attempt to extinguish the fire.
  2. If the fire or smoke conditions increase while you are attempting to put out the fire, STOP AND IMMEDIATELY GET OUT OF THE BUILDING.
  3. CALL 911 and give the address as “71 Standish Ave. NW at the corner of 25th Street”. Wait outside the front door to flag emergency vehicles.
  4. The interior smoke alarms are monitored and will alert the fire department when triggered. Do not attempt to disable for any reason, that will also alert the fire department and you will be charged a $1,000.00 false alarm fee by the City of Atlanta.
  5. Meet all building occupants at the Official OUTDOOR Meeting Place on the sidewalk/curb apron at the end of the office entrance walkway. Verify that EVERYONE is accounted for. Remain there to assist emergency vehicles arriving at the scene.
  6. If it is convenient and safe to grab your wallet/purse or briefcase/laptop, do so ONLY as you leave the building – DO NOT RE-ENTER the burning building to retrieve ANYTHING. Your health and safety are the most important concerns – everything else can be replaced.
  7. If owners David Malo and Paul Lawrence are not already present, AFTER dialing 911, call Paul: 404-731-1210 or David: 404-915-0313 to give a full situation status report to us beginning with whether or not all building occupants can be accounted for and if there are injuries. Please remember that other people live downstairs or may be in the office and that our family dog lives on the first floor too.

Review this document, consider your exit strategy AND your alternate exit strategy, ask us any questions you have, know where the fire extinguishers are located and be prepared in the event of an emergency.

Tornado / High Wind Safety

There are large trees around the house which can be blown down onto the building at any time – just like any other residential neighborhood in Atlanta.  If high winds or tornado warning sirens are heard, grab your cell phone and go to the central hallway of the house. This is the Official INTERIOR Meeting Place for all occupants during a storm emergency – verify that everyone is accounted for during AND after the storm has passed.  Close all room doors in this hallway if there is a danger of windows shattering.  For extremely severe conditions, the ground floor foyer at the front entry from Standish Avenue may be your safest location – be sure to keep the doors closed until the storm has passed.

Parking & Guest Parking

Off-street parking is located in the parking lot behind the house in spaces 8 and 9 that have signs saying “Reserved Parking by Permit Only for Business-Class Accommodations”. Only park in those two spaces to avoid being booted or towed. BCA Parking Pass must be displayed while parked in the lot, even in the assigned spaces.

Deliveries, Mail, and Ordering Takeout

Deliveries – Large Packages (USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc)

For large packages and deliveries, please direct them to the BCA office:
[Name] Standish House
c/o BCA Furnished Apartments
44 25th Street NW
Atlanta GA 30309

A BCA Property Manager will deliver your mail and packages to your apartment.

Mail – Letters, Envelops and Change of Address

For letters, envelopes, and regular mail, please direct them to the BCA office:
[Name] Standish House
c/o BCA Furnished Apartments
44 25th Street NW
Atlanta GA 30309

A BCA Property Manager will deliver your mail to your apartment.

Ordering from Food Delivery Services

When ordering food for delivery, direct them to the front door which is located on Standish Ave.

71 Standish Ave
Atlanta, GA 30309


Getting Around Atlanta

Atlanta is a wonderful city with many things to see and do! While you are visiting here are some of the most common ways to get around town.

Get Lyft & UBER Free Ride Credits*

For (2) or more people it is generally less expensive and faster to take a ride sharing service.



Ride Credit promotions vary and are not guaranteed. The codes listing is for a new sign-up or taking your first ride in Atlanta.

MARTA Public Transit

Transit with MARTA costs $2.50 per ride per person.

The closest MARTA train station is Arts Center (0.2 miles West on 16th Street and then South on West Peachtree Street).

Visit It’ or Google Maps for additional information.

Rental Cars

For our guests staying for extended periods of time, renting a car is a great way to save money during your stay.

Your apartment at Spectrum on Spring comes with (2) parking spots include.

Nearby Rental Car Companies:
Sixt Rent A Car
Thrifty Car Rental
Zip Car

Groceries, Sundries and other Supplies

For groceries and sundries, we recommend:

  • Whole Foods – Flagship Store on 14th St.
  • Publix Plaza Midtown
  • Publix Atlantic Station
  • Target Atlantic Station
  • Savi Provisions
  • Fresh Market

Important Information

Check-out Instructions

We hope you’ve enjoyed your stay in Standish House by BCA Furnished Apartments.

Check-out is before 11:00 AM to ensure we are prepared for our next guest.

Checkout Checklist:

  • Leave bathroom towels hanging or on the floor of each bathroom.
    The total count of towel linens in your apartment is:

    • (6) large bath towels
    • (6) hand towels
    • (6) wash cloths
    • (3) bathroom mats
    • (6) black wash cloths
  • Leave bed linens on each of the beds.
    The total count of linens in your apartment is:

    • (3) blue bedspreads or comforter with duvets
    • (6) flat and/or fitted sheets
    • (3) accent pillows
    • (12) pillowcases
    • (12) pillows with pillow protectors
    • (3) mattress protectors
    • (3) box spring covers
    • (3) blankets (stored in closet)
  • If used, empty coffee pot, fill pot with water and leave soaking in sink.
  • Wash and rinse dirty dishes and leave them to dry in the dish rack (located under the sink). Be sure the dish rack is on the drain-board and it is draining into the sink. Leave the (3) kitchen towels in the nearest bathroom
  • Empty refrigerator and cabinets of any perishable items.
  • Do not remove or discard empty or unused spray cleaners, dish soap or hand soap dispensers: we will refill and reuse. There will be a $25 restocking fee per item if removed.
  • Collect trash and recycling from kitchen and bathrooms. Take trash and recycling to the bins located in the carport.
  • Set thermostat to 65ºF (Heat; winter) or 76ºF (A/C; summer).
  • Check the bathrooms, closets, drawers, cabinets, and refrigerator for personal belongings.
  • Exit and verify that both front and back digital door locks are is closed and locked. Please do not lock deadbolts on back door.

Thank you again for staying with us – have a safe trip home!

We hope that you enjoyed your time with us. At the end of your stay, you will receive an email asking for a review. We love to get feedback from our guests as it helps us to know how to improve. We hope that you will take the few minutes to review BCA Furnished Apartments on Facebook, Google, and/or the website you used to find us or book your stay.

How to Avoid Damage Fees & Common Issues

We are a small business and we closely monitor our inventory of contents, furnishings, linens, cleaning supplies and soap dispensers. In the simplest terms, please do not take it, and please do not break it. 

If something does not look right when you check-in, or something does happen during your stay, please notify a Property Manager so we can help mitigate or resolve the problem and minimize additional charges, if any.

Our Property Managers fully inspect each apartment for damage and contents after each check-out and before each check-in for all stays.

The most common damage charges result from stains on bathroom towels, hand towels and washcloths used in the kitchen, to remove makeup or to polish shoes. (BCA does provide black washcloths for shoe polishing and makeup removal to avoid such charges.) Missing silverware, cups or glasses; rearranging furniture; or excessive messes that require additional cleaning are also common.

Other common charges:

• Permanent staining or soiling of towels, sheets, bed linens, mattresses, pillows, upholstery, walls, furniture, etc.
• Replacement of missing or broken houseware items, including but not limited to glassware, cookware, cutlery, lighting, furniture, cleaning supplies, etc.
• Excessive cleaning if required either during stay or after departure
• Boiling over, scorching or any mess on stove, in oven or microwave or on cookware requiring extra cleaning
• Signs of pets in the home or around the property without prior approval and payment of required fees
• Signs of damage from hair chemicals, colors, straighteners, nail polish, etc.
• Damage to or misuse of the washer, dryer or other appliances
• Signs of or residual smoke or debris of candles or incense
• Exceeding the maximum occupancy at any time
• Signs of a party or gathering
• Rearranging or damage to furniture
• Failing to vacate the property promptly at your scheduled checkout time without prior written approval and payment of any extension fees

In the Check-In and Lodging Agreement form, you authorized us to charge your credit card for the cost of full replacement plus installation to all items damaged or missing from your stay.

Please note, your credit card will not be charged unless damages are incurred.

Our damage policy is defined in the Terms and Conditions located at

Want to Extend Your Stay?

If you wish to extend your stay, please contact our office as soon as possible. Extensions are granted based on availability, and we cannot grant every request. We recommend extending as soon as you know you will need it.

Please call 404-682-2847 ext 2 to speak with a property manager.

Extensions can be processed anytime during your stay and up to 24 hours before your check-out date for no additional fee.

If you contact us to modify your reservation on the day of departure, you will be charged a rescheduling cleaning fee.

  • $235

Nightly rates of the extension are based on the rates at the time in which the extension is made and off the length of time of the extensions, not the length of the entire reservation.

If you booked through an online travel agent such as Expedia or, you will need to request to modify your reservation through the online travel agent you originally booked with. We cannot modify the reservation for you, but we can offer to book you directly.

If you booked with Airbnb, you will need to send us an alteration request through your reservation on Airbnb with the updated check-out date.

Want to Request a Late Checkout?

Please submit your request 24 hours before your check-out date/time. Late checkouts are subject to availability and a late checkout fee would apply.

Late Checkout Fee
1:00 PM After 1 PM
Requested 24+ hours before check-out $40 Average Nightly Rate
Requested less than 24 hours before check-out Full Nightly Rate Full Nightly Rate